Photo credit: Danielle Gerritsen

Ryan + Holly

Ryan and Holly are a husband and wife photography team, with over 20 years of combined experience (not to mention two kids and three pets and a ton of life experiences!).

Both have worked in the past for private studios and learned many things through guidance from established professionals, and have moved on to hone each of their separate skills to become the photographers they are today. As with any creative endeavor, they are both constantly expanding their skill sets and always strive for excellence and a great experience.

If you're looking for an incredibly formal and traditional photographer, you're looking in the wrong place. Holly and Ryan are laid back, easy-going, and real people who want to make you have fun while capturing who you really are and what makes you click, what makes you unique, what makes you, you. Sure, professionalism is still important and something they also maintain, but that can be done without being stiff and boring. Ryan is amazing with studio lighting and brings lights on location to achieve and end result that is incredibly commercial and unique (our clients like to call it "Southern Edgy" and we love that!). Holly works with natural, available light and the images are filled with sun flares, rim lighting, and the beauty of the sun. These two looks are combined within one session to give you everything you could possibly want from any photography session! This is especially important and useful for weddings and senior sessions